TV Review | Defiance 2.07 ‘If You Could See Her Through My Eyes’

Defiance 2.07 “If You Could See Her Through My Eyes”
Original UK airdate:30th October 2014

“There are two types of friend in this world. The kind who’ll help you hide a dead whore, and me.”

A Tarr family servant is murdered and her eyes cut out. Datak, Stahma and Rafe agree to keep it ‘in house,’ while they hunt the killer. Stahma had already reported her as missing however, so Nolan and Irisa are also on the case.


Irisa cuts herself to experience another vision from her ancestors past, and Robin Dunn guest stars as, Kai, a traveller who is the spitting image of the man from the visions. Convinced they are connected in some way, she follows, him, badgers him and generally weirds him out.
Overly talkative (as opposed to being laconic to a fault) and quick witted in a nervy-humoured kind of way, Kai is the first Irathiant we’ve seen who isn’t chanting in a religious commune or kicking arse (I.E Irisa) and so instantly becomes one of the more memorable guest characters so far. He’ll almost certainly be back, which is welcome.

Elsewhere, Christy gets as much screentime as she’s had in the entirety of Defiance so far as as the Mercado – Christy – Alak – Deirdre storyline advances at a rapid pace.
Deirdre (the radio station employee who wants Alak) makes sure Alak discovers the gem that Mercado gave Christy at the end of last week. With his suspicions alerted, she then encourages Christy to continue frequenting the club where humans dress as Casti (effectively telling her to invert her own personality and image, something fans have been wanting Christy to do since 1.01) and then makes sure Alak knows exactly where she is. Her scheming is entirely obvious and yet feels natural for the character.
While Deirdre and her schemes are entirely unoriginal; this greater storyline is just about unique, touching on elements such as assimilation of culture and Cosplay, and the well-written, realistic argument between Christy and Alak touches directly on these factors. She argues that she’s dressing as a Casti to better understand his culture and that it makes her feel attractive and special; he feels that she’s insulting his heritage and that he married her, not her covered in white paint, posing as one of his own race.
The fact its mainly taking place in some sort of illicit club makes it all the more interesting. It’s a type of situation and storyline that I don’t remember seeing anywhere else, and the writers of Defiance deserve a lot of credit for it. Plus it also serves to make the world of New Earth a deeper and richer backdrop.

The real gem of the episode comes at the end in the form of Mercado’s speech to Christy on human nature and aspiration followed up with his cabaret song; one of the shows better music montages to date. It’s an engaging, lively and invigorating one-two punch to finish the show with.

The A-plot also links in (Datak and Rafe break-into the home of a suspect who has a calling card to the club Christy and Mercado frequent), leaving a neat hook to dangle for later. I’d dread to think how much shit Christy is in once the truth comes out about the nature of the club and her visits there, were it not for the fact that this is the first time in a year and a half that she’s been slightly interesting.
The A-plot gives Defiance its quota of action (and Doc. Yewll sarcasm) for the week; but it’s the weakest of the three main things going off this episode. It relies on a minor character – supposedly a professor – being fairly stupid, and it’s another case of Nolan (and the Datak/Rafe tag-team) simply having to go from A to B to C without hitting any stumbling blocks. However, it serves a function showing that after years together there are going to be things that are still very important to both Stahma and Datak and more importantly it gives Nolan a chance to finally discover the truth about Irisa’s situation with Urzu. The discovery is well handled and Nolan’s way of proving his suspicions is great, while his flippant, brazen rebuttal of Irisa’s warnings about the dangers they face is, well, defiance personified.

Defiance 207

The perpetrator captures Irisa’s friend Rynn and takes out one of her eyes before being stopped, and she leaves town with Kai, but not before Irisa kisses him and they share a joint vision…..
… wait a minute, didn’t Rynn only come to Defiance Irisa because Sukar is missing and she wants Irisa’s help to find him? Has everyone forgotten that already? Does no one else care!? And isn’t Rynn meant to be on the run from the law? Does no one else care about justice anymore!? C’mon! Or do the residents of Defiance have a really short memory when it comes to alien women who tried to kill them last year?

The Verdict: I can ultimately forgive Nolan giving Rynn a free-pass being as she did save his life in the end (and she has just lost an eye and is leaving town again anyway) but I’m not sure why no-one else in Defiance isn’t bothered by her return. Ultimately If You Could See Her Through My Eyes was a good hour of television and all that is left to say is that I hope Pottinger is back soon.



One thought on “TV Review | Defiance 2.07 ‘If You Could See Her Through My Eyes’

  1. I thought Mercado was great this episode. I was worried slightly that he was going to be dull compared to Pottinger, but he’s another character that they’ve started to flesh out nicely this series.

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