TV Review | Defiance 2.10 ‘Bottom of the World’

Defiance 2.10, ‘Bottom of the World’
Original UK Airdate 20th November 2014

Defiance gets back on track this week with an episode which is predictable, but logical at least.

E-Rep Ambassador Tennety is back in town to trade catty insults with Amanda and to get killed in a mining incident which leaves Pottinger and Amanda trapped underground and struggling for air. Nolan and Berlin mount a rescue (with the latter wearing her safety helmet as if she’s afraid to mess up her hair), but convinced he’s about to die Pottinger confesses something to Amanda. Exactly what we don’t get to hear. If he confesses about Kenya, the Ego implant or the spy-camera she certainly takes the news lightly. There is some nice interplay between Tennety (while she lives), Amanda and Pottinger; and I like how both Nolan and Pottinger get hurt by Amanda at some point. Pottinger is hurt when Amanda thinks she’s dying and calls Nolan, and Nolan after he’s rescued them both and Amanda chases after Pottinger.


Defiance 210

Predictably Quentin was behind the mining accident. The VC had his mum LINDA HAMILTON held hostage and would only agree to release her if he does some missions for them. Quentin sees his chance to get his mum back and work out his father issues by claiming that Rafe was responsible for the attack and allows Rafe to be caught at his secret weapons stash. Rafe actually goes along with this story to protect his son. Rafe is arrested, and Quentin thinks he’s being clever, but Sarah Connor isn’t happy when she is freed and arrives in town.

Being as Christy has always been told that her mum is dead, I can’t imagine her reaction. Speaking of Christy, Alak calls off his affair with Deirdre, aka Treasure Doll, and tries to play the good husband but Deirdre has other ideas. She warns him that she isn’t through with him and threatens him with coming clean to Christy.

There is precious little of Datak and Stahma. The latter overhears one of Treasure Doll’s threats to Alak and decides that she needs to be ‘removed’ for the good of the family. She asks Datak to kill her, but his price is moving back home – and back into the marital bed. Deciding his counter-offer is too high, she declares to “gut the little whore myself.” With Stahma and Datak out to get her I fear for Deirdre’s long term health.

The episode starts and ends with Irisa. To open she breaks into an E-Rep facility (with ease) and tries to steal a Terra-sphere: basically a glowing blue ball that looks like it fell off the top of somebody’s Christmas tree; only to be stopped by Nolan.

She persuades Tommy to get the terra-sphere for her, which he does, and the episode ends with her repaying his loyalty by turning him into one of her….possessed things, then the ball does whatever it was designed to do which appears to be float across the camp full of her….things…. (I have to think of a better word for that. Converts? Drones?), grow a really low-quality-FX chrysalis around them and….well, I’m not sure what else. Presumably some kind of mass terra-forming is on the agenda. We’ll find out next week apparently, because “it’s coming.”

In the states, Syfy aired ‘Bottom of the World’ and the next episode, ‘Doll Parts’ back-to-back; the consensus being that the episodes work far better together than apart. But here they’re to be aired on the regular weekly schedule and I can only rate them as aired. Bottom of the World was decent, never boring, and I found the fallout from Alak splitting from Deirdre to be much more interesting than the other two stories if only because Nolan was always going to save Pottinger and Amanda in time and I’ve never been interested in the Irisa arc in the slightest. However, in terms of the overall season plot, it felt a little like the quiet before the storm, and that IS an exciting feeling.



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