The Geekly Update | 7th December ’14

Welcome to the Geekly Update, our quick takes on all things Geek. There’s quite a bit of news to get through, as well as a round-up of all our latest articles and reviews that you may have missed over the last week or so. We also have a new mini-feature that we’ll be dropping in every now and then. Speaking of which…

Podcast of the Month

With podcasts as popular as they’ve ever been, we’ll be using a small space of the Geekly Update to occasionally bring one to your attention. These podcasts could be giant mass produced money makers, or they could be a few mates putting together a piece for a laugh. Regardless of which camp it falls into, as long as it is fun (and somewhat informative) you could see it here.

First up, we have All Your Base. This is a video game podcast with a couple of guys who talk over the games they’ve been playing of late, before launching into a topic of the week (for example, episode six focused on the history of multi-player gaming).

My fellow geek Simon got in touch with them, and they had a few words for our readers:

“Our aim, as un-ambitious as it sounds, is just to be two average guys talking about the games we enjoy. We’re always trying to integrate listener feedback and input into the show, to try and make it as accessible as possible.” — Daniel Athey.

The show is still in its infancy, but already seems to have settled into a nice, informal and easy-to-listen to groove. We’ll certainly be following/subscribing and we hope you do to. You can listen to their early podcasts here (later eps are on iTunes), and follow them on Twitter here.


Geekly News

What a week or so it has been! There was the James Bond announcement, a trailer for Teminator: Genisys, as well as a whole heap of news for fans of comic book adaptations.

Warner and DC Comics started things off by revealing an expensively assembled cast for their upcoming Suicide Squad. Will Smith, Tom Hardy, Jared Leto, Margot Robbie, Jai Courtney and Cara Delevigne were all confirmed. They will be playing Deadshot, Rick Flag, The Joker, Harley Quinn, Boomerang and Enchantress respectively.

Not to be outdone, Marvel Studios confirmed that Benedict Cumberbatch has landed the title role in 2016’s Doctor Strange. This came hot on the heels of the news that Krysten Ritter (Breaking Bad, Don’t Trust The B—-) seems to have nailed down the role of Jessica Jones in Marvel’s Netflix bound series.

20th Century FOX have been rather quiet on their own Marvel franchises. However, an official plot synopsis for their upcoming Fantastic Four film has surfaced. It seems like it’ll be a full reboot, which may be a good thing with how the previous efforts bombed. More excitingly, it looks like Ryan Reynolds will indeed be playing Deadpool in the recently confirmed movie.

That’s not all from the world of comics. Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg’s long awaited production of Preacher got itself  pilot order from AMC.


Content Round-Up

We cover a few shows here at FG HQ. Agents of Shield, Defiance, Gotham and The Walking Dead all feature regularly, and we occasionally throw in a few extras (such as Arrow, Doctor Who and The Flash). Here’s a quick round-up of what we’ve done since the last Geekly Update.

IMG_0226.JPGAgents of Shield
Fridays at 8pm on Channel 4
by Simon

2.05 ‘A Hen in the Wolf House’
2.06 ‘A Fractured House’
2.07 ‘Writing on the Wall’


Defiance 12Defiance
Thursdays at 9pm on SyFy
by Mike

2.10 ‘Bottom of the World’
2.11 ‘Doll Parts’
2.12 ‘All Things Must Pass’


1.07 umbrellaGotham
Mondays at 9pm on Channel 5
by Gareth

1.06 ‘The Spirit of the Goat’
1.07 ‘Penguin’s Umbrella’


The Walking Dead, Coda Review, Fake GeeksThe Walking Dead
Recently wrapped, did air Mondays at 9pm on FOX
By Rich (and occasionally Nick)

5.07 ‘Crossed’
5.08 ‘Coda’

 Bonus Review~! 


Doctor Who, Season 8 Review
by Simon

Additional Content

Thursdays at 9pm on Sky One

3.04 ‘The Magician’

Nyssa al Ghul returns looking for Sara. She informs Team Arrow that Sara had returned to Starling City to either confirm a rumour that Malcolm Merlyn was still alive. Oliver tracks down Malcolm, who says he’s only around to protect Thea. While Oliver reluctantly believes him, Nyssa does not. She kidnaps Thea in an effort to draw out Merlyn, but Oliver intervenes and saves his former nemesis.

This was a good episode, and a step up from the last few weeks. My only real gripe was how easily the team tracked Merlyn down. If it was such an easy task, then why did the League of Assassins need to send Sara? Hmm. Aside from this, it was a really fun episode, and Barrowman was on top form as the returning Merlyn. 4/5


3.05 ‘The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak’

Starling City is attacked by a Cyber terrorist who threatens to shut down all the banks, putting everyone’s net wealth to zero. It transpires that the virus being used was created by Felicity five years earlier when she was a hacktivist at University. In a predictable twist, her long-thought-dead ex-boyfriend turns out to be the culprit.

The story was okay, but it was quite obvious it was going to be Felicity’s ex long before the end. Brandon Routh was great again as Ray Palmer – let’s hope The Atom makes an appearance sooner rather than later! The subplot with Felicity’s mother was a bit clunky, but fine. The most notable part of the episode was Roy’s nightmare at the end – did he kill Sara? 3/5


The Flash
Tuesdays at 9pm on Sky One

1.04 ‘Going Rogue’
Leonard Snart (Wentworth Miller) knocks over an armoured vehicle carrying an array of valuable goods, including a cryonic gun. Barry arrives in time to stop the majority of the robbery, but Snart escapes. Upon hearing that Barry is out of his coma, Felicity pays him a visit and the two double date with Iris and Eddie. It is revealed that Cisco created the gun as a potential weapon to use on Barry should he ‘go rogue’ like the other metahumans. Snart attempts to kill Barry, but is saved by the rest of the team. After Snart escapes, he hands over some of the stolen tech to his ‘partner’ Mick, who has an affinity for fire.

Miller worked much better than I expected, and am quite looking forward to seeing him again down the line. The stand off at the end was clumsy, but decent enough. This was a flawed but fun episode. 3.5/5


2.04 ‘Plastique’
This week we have the introduction of two DC characters. Villain-of-the-week is Bette Sans Souci, aka Plastique who has the ability to make anything she touches explosive. She is hunted down by General Wade Eiling, aka The General, as he wishes to use her as a military weapon. With the team unable to help her out, she goes on a suicide mission to try and kill Eiling. Allen saves Eiling, who kills Souci. Allen speeds out to the ocean to make sure the inevitable explosion doesn’t hurt anyone. Eiling demands that Dr. Wells works with him to help collect metahumans, but Wells refuses. In a flashback, we see they used to work together, and that Gorilla Grodd was being experimented on by them.

This was another pretty good episode. The suicide mission aspect could (and would) have been darker if sister show Arrow dealt with it, but it was still not bad. This was a nice way to introduce Eiling, who you know will be a pain in the side down the line. Less flaws than last week, but a little less exciting, meaning it gets the same score. 3.5/5

And finally… 

Gareth conducted a telephone interview with Saxon frontman Biff Byford, talking about their current 35th Anniversary tour among other things.


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