News: Spider-Man to join Marvel cinematic universe. Possible casting ideas?

So after much to and fro between Marvel and Sony the web slinging fan favourite has been reclaimed by the comic book giant. Andrew Garfield did a great job but after a strong start in Amazing Spider-Man an the sequel was disappointing and this was the studios second attempt after the Toby Maguire fiasco. Andrew Garfield himself seemed displeased by the sequel and disinterested in another attempt and so Sony probably thought they had given it their best shot.

Now the character is back in Marvel hands he is thought to be joining during Captain America: Civil war and the to be followed by his own film. Spider-Man is iconic and marketable and no doubt will be at the forefront of Marvel’s future so the casting is vitally important. So here we will look at some suggestions in an article so wild and baseless that it would J Jonah Jameson blush.

The solid: Logan Lerman
After somehow spinning a sequel from the dreary Percy Jackson that even Logan admitted surprised him, he then stormed back with Fury. He was potentially annoying as the blubbering boy unwilling to fight but played it with startling skill to draw empathy from the audience, and his slow descent into a damaged shell of a soldier was believable and showed great range. Logan definitely has the baby faced look but with enough acting grit to not seem like a misplaced member of one direction.

The Geek choice: Miles Teller
In Whiplash Miles Teller has grabbed the attention and acclaim of many, which is impressive for many reasons. One is that he plays a part which could have been seen as very unlikable, the highly flawed, angst filled drummer who’s ego is turned up all the way to 11. Another is that he plays it in a understated fashion simmering instead of raging and also plays it next to the blazing inferno of a masterful J.K Simmons. Also if he’s already survived the fury of last generations J Jonah Jameson in Simmons then who are we to argue? He has signed up for two Fantastic Four films but this didn’t stop Chris Evans from that start spangled shield of Cap now has it?

Miles Teller

The acclaimed and unlikely: Eddie Redmayne
The man with the Golden gong, the bafta winner and Oscar favourite who won the hearts of millions in The Theory Of Everything. He suits the look apart from maybe a few lines of age but hey make up crew need to earn their coins, and he has the acting chops but after praise and glory rained down on his career and the Oscar mounts his mantle piece it seems hard to imagine. Marvel do not shy away from solid actors though with Downey Jr, Jeff Bridges, Tommy Lee Jones, Scarlett Johansson and more all already donning the spandex, armour or appropriate comic wear. It’s to be assume though that Eddie will go the way of the Radcliffe and use his credibility to seek out more credible cinema first though. Then again he’s done Jupiter Ascending and Les Mis so credibility may not be an issue…


The ultimate: Donald Glover
In the ultimate universe which is a parallel marvel world in which heroes are reimagined, Peter Parker is a thing of the past and Miles Morales is crawling the city walls. This may seem strange but Marvel has cherry picked portions of the ultimate universe lore already including the casting of Nick Fury. This would also provide Marvel a way to distance itself from Sony’s efforts at Spider stories on the silver screen. Glover has been cited as the best candidate from the start and is wildly popular for his stint in Community and also for his music as Childish Gambino. During his departure of Community though his tweets alarmed some as he seemed to struggle with depression and fans became worried, thankfully he assured them soon after of his return to normality. His personal inner turmoil may put some professionals off him as seeming unpredictable but it has cemented him further in the public affections….actually that sounds like a certain hero?


If he was younger…. : Topher Grace
Cast in the abysmal punishment of the eyes that was Spider-Man 3 as Eddie Brock/Venom, I always felt he would have been a better Peter Parker than the purely nasal, doe eyed annoyance that was Tobey Maguire. In that 70’s show he looked the part and showed comedy timing but has a little more edge and tried his hand at more serious ventures since such as Interstellar.


The left field: Robert Sheehan
Not a highly known actor hence the left field heading this be a gamble but the stakes are high and there’s nothing like a wild card to grasp the imagination of many. Robert has appeared in ‘Misfits’, the special remake of ‘The Borrowers’ and the highly praised BBC drama ‘Red Riding’. The thick Irish melody of an accent could be a problem but he could surprise us as many have before by faking the Yankee tones. Robert is downright lovable and hilarious in Misfits but in Red Riding showed his biting edge by playing the darkest most broken character. Also Andrew Garfield was in Red Riding too so we can hope that through passing Mr Sheehan may have caught the Spidey bug from him.


Despite the film apparently straying from the graphic novel Spidey is a huge part of the story and had one of the most interesting and impacting arcs during the civil war era. Hopefully this development will impact the film’s plot in a hugely positive way! After the huge success of the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon as well as the dozens of versions of Spider stories garnishing the shelves of every comic store, this hero is as popular and relevant as ever. His origin story is one of the most well known and his inner turmoil along with his young age make him arguably the most accessible character around.
Who knows the choice they will reach but with the Marvel gravy train at full steam and the next phase about to begin, The comic book overlords will no doubt choose carefully as they try to apply their midas touch to one of the most popular crime fighters of all time.


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