TV Review | Better Call Saul 1.03 ‘Nacho’

Better Call Saul, Nacho, Fake Geeks, Review, TV

The latest episode of AMC’s outstanding new show generated more chaos and dark comedy as it went to the craziest of heights to entertain us. ‘Nacho’ unfolded in a bizarre manner much like the Coen Brothers’ Fargo, with the Kettlemans utilising their knowledge of the great outdoors to kidnap themselves.

At the end of the episode 2 we left Jimmy pondering over an offer made by one of Tuco’s thugs, Nacho Varga. Just a week later and not only is Jimmy beginning to seriously consider this offer, he’s gone to unorthodox lengths to warn the family of the immediate danger their in. And so unfolds the magnificent and manic sequence of events that eventually sees McGill physically attempting to drag the Kettlemans back to their home bag full of money first.

This was another curiously deviant edition of the show where the unexpected and incomprehensible is often the explanation. Jimmy is growing as a character, taking bigger steps into the criminal world despite his best efforts to do good things. Mike has come out of his booth and the foundations of a coherent relationship between him and Jimmy are clearly being laid. As well as Chuck, we are starting to learn more about Kim too. She’s one of the few female characters we’ve seen as of yet and if Jimmy is to become the Walt of this show then she must surely be our Skylar.

Better Call Saul is really beginning to come into it’s own three weeks in. The series was always going to face an uphill challenge given the limitations of it’s status as a prequel – viewers know what the future holds for Jimmy so there’s only so many shocks that can surprise us along the way and that’s before the series even thinks about the amount of hype it’s going to have to carry.

Thankfully, Vince Gilligan and his writing team are more than capable of handling such pressure and any limitations to McGill’s world. The opening of each episode is where they are choosing to put those signature Breaking Bad out of narrative plot hooks that keep us wondering how events will get or got to that stage. This week we see Jimmy is behind bars, relying on Chuck to bail him out. For what? We don’t know yet but it looks pretty serious.



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