TV Review | The Walking Dead 5.11 ‘The Distance’

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Even though we’re a long way off halloween it’s always fun to see a walking jack o’ lantern, especially in the woods. Who’d’ve thought Rick had such a flare for killing walkers?

It’s been a miserable few weeks for the group, losing Beth & Tyreese within a matter of days of each other followed by a drought has been bleak to say the least. The introduction of Aaron in last night’s ‘The Distance’ has brought with it a shred of hope and a shot of life in a new community called Alexandria.

For Rick, this all sounded too good to be true and when Aaron started selling his vision for the survivors, Rick wasn’t buying it. Interestingly enough, his wording about the role of people in his society was strangely similar to that of the terminus folk’s welcome speech about “people make us strong”.That’s what caused the right hook – ouch.

Overall, this was a much more entertaining and well rounded episode compared to recent weeks. There was a lot of fun on the drive to Alexandria, mowing down walkers, firefights in the forest and the nostalgic sight of an RV. Topping off all this mayhem was Rick’s kill of the season with the flare gun giving that walker a look Ghost Rider would have been proud of.

Admittedly, Rick’s paranoia about Alexandria got a little tedious at times, of course it’s natural given the groups’ previous experiences, but it didn’t need to be played on so much. Michonne must be happy Tyreese bought it a couple of weeks back as she seems to have picked up all of his lines, becoming twice as vocal and the people’s voice within the Ricktatorship. It’s a little quick and convenient for this to happen, however, fans of the comics will realise that this is a set up for Michonne to become more of a deputy leader in the group.

Aaron is a welcome sight as a new character and as the first openly gay person that we’ve seen he also brings a different representation for audiences. We still don’t know that much about him but what we have found out so far has been pleasant and interesting.

The group are about to embark on their latest chapter which is likely to be on a similar scale to the prison story arc. What will this mean for the survivors and what lies behind the gates of Alexandria?



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