TV Review | The Walking Dead 5.12 ‘Remember’

The Walking Dead, Remember, TV Review


Hello Alexandria, Goodbye Beard.

The group have had a long journey to get to their new home and it’s been filled with many threats; the living, the dead, the elements and more. As the group adjust to life behind the secure walls of their new suburban homes they face a new kind of threat, demonstrated so well by its existing inhabitants – complacency.

Overall, Remember was a well written, self-contained episode that managed to establish the group’s new surroundings in a calculated way. Using the recorded interviews gave the pacing a sort of documentary feel, reintroducing each character in an isolated way to their new leader.

Deanna is a very mature leader with a political background. There’s not too much to take from what we know so far other than her level-headed approach to rebuilding society. Her son on the other hand is clearly an asshole. To Glenn and the others it felt like a bunch of SAS soldiers being told what to do by a couple of Boy Scouts leaders. They’d already admitted that they’d lost some previous recruits on a supply run and it’s no surprise why.

During the interviews, Carol made a devious play in order to get a good job within the community. She was the only one of the group to change, not only her clothes but her style, taking a very liberal approach to her apparel. Not only this but she spoke of her husband with admiration which, looking back to the early seasons, is clearly untrue. As a victim of abuse she has clear mastered the acting skills needed to put a brave face on normal life.

The other new face that was worthy of note was Rick’s stylist. She could be a potential new love interest for Rick, if he can get the husband out-of-the-way of course.

One thing this episode did very well was create an uneasy sense of tension without illustrating any sort of threat. That’s not a simple thing to do and the group clearly felt this in various ways. Daryl is taking nothing for granted as you’d expect and the rest are keeping their guard up. Waiting for something bad to happen is almost as nerve-wracking as having something bad happen, that looks to be the threat for the next few episodes. And if not, the group will become that threat.



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