TV Review | The Walking Dead 5.13 ‘Forget’

The Walking Dead, Michonne and Rick, Forget, TV, Review WARNING – FULL SPOILERS

“One morning, you’ll wake up and you won’t be in your bed. You’ll be outside the wall, far far away, tied to a tree.” Well who wouldn’t want Carol to babysit their kid after that? She was psycho, like the love child of Mary Berry & Pennywise the Clown.

Okay outside of Carol terrorising poor little cookie-craving Sam, this episode was another solid edition of the show that dealt with individual members of the group adjusting to their new life in Alexandria. Rick & Carol concentrated on keeping themselves armed and protected even though the estate looks safe (for now), meanwhile Sasha struggled with the locals in the wake of losing Tyreese. Daryl is still the most Feral of the group which made it quite ironic when he finished the episode looking like the most civilised of the group.

Alexandria feels out-of-place as much to the viewer as it does to each member of the group. We aren’t used to seeing these characters in a safe, solar-powered and self-sufficient environment. It feels unnatural to see them play video games, have a shave or attend a neighbourhood party. What the series is handling well here is how the characters adjust to their new setting which makes for a lot of talking points amongst fans.

This is one of the most interesting aspects of the show in recent years as its allowing a lot of different things to happen rather than simply watching the whole group face one big problem after another. The next few weeks should be full of mystery and drama as the survivors integrate further into Alexandria.


NB: Apologies for the delay in this review, I’ve been in Iceland preparing for Game of Thrones for the past week.


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