TV Review | The Walking Dead 5.14 ‘Spend’

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That has to be one of the most entertaining episodes of the Walking Dead in recent memory. Full of heroics, cowardice and gut wrenching kills scenes.

The issue of the Alexandrian’s inexperience in the outer world has been brewing for a couple of weeks now and it finally came to the boil as both Glenn & Eugene’s groups found themselves in danger at the hands of their allies incompetence. Not only that, problems at home are beginning to rear their ugly head as Carol found out the truth about Sam, he didn’t want cookies, he just didn’t want to be alone with his wife-beating father.

Looking back on Glenn’s troubles first, things looked like they were starting to get better with a more mature Aidan listening to his recommendations – apart from the small point about shooting the grenade. Seeing Aidan plastered against the wall was pretty excruciating to watch, more so when they tried to yank him free. During this agony Aidan revealed what we could have guessed, that he and Nicholas were responsible for the deaths of their former crew.

This laid the foundations for the real loser in all of this mess – Noah. The revolving door scene was extremely well orchestrated and reminiscent of when Shane got trapped in the school way back in the farm days. Nicholas took a leaf out of Shane’s playbook in his selfish escape plan as well. Seeing Noah look at Glenn as he got ripped apart was absolutely brutal and of all the traumatic things Glenn’s witnessed that has to be up there in the worst of it.

One good thing that came of the supply run was Eugene finally growing a pair and saving Tara. Not only this his tactical use of the van’s stereo showed that he could have some real use in the future when it comes to strategic decision-making. He even stood up to Nicholas when he returned to the van, choosing to turn off the engine and not be bullied anymore. Good for you Eugene!

Over on the construction crew it was a similar story. Abraham got his mojo back on the field of battle and has made the first steps in turning his construction crew into an efficient military outfit. Even his predecessor Tobin recommended him for the top job – much to Deanna’s annoyance as yet more of the group gain senior positions in Alexandria’s society.

Back inside the safety of the suburban walls and Gabriel has proven his level of cowardice may make him the only member capable of fitting into the town. He had some guts to say the things he did, given the some of the things he has done to survive in this new world. Thankfully, Maggie overheard all of it so that should prove a talking point in the weeks to come.

Carol on the other hand uncovered one of the biggest problems of all. As a victim of domestic abuse her recommendation to Rick was shocking and brash but then again there is a harsh logic in this new world where things are black and white. Still, Rick must have been smirking underneath as that will open up a new love opportunity for him. Bonus.

The Ricktatorship looks like it’s set for a return after all of this mayhem but how will the likes of Daryl react to it when he returns from his recruitment mission?



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