TV Review | Better Call Saul 1.07 ‘Bingo’

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In Bingo calling, number 7 is lucky, however, the seventh instalment of Better Call Saul was anything but that for McGill as once Jimmy found out that honesty doesn’t pay the bills. This episode epitomised what the first season has been about in this new AMC saga – the erosion of Jimmy McGill’s conscience.

Jimmy has been trying so hard to do the right thing that it’s painful to watch him constantly stumble in the pursuit of the American dream. Even when the hard work does start to pay off and Jimmy reclassifies himself as a specialist in his self-described field of expertise ‘elder law’ he still suffers because of his honest ways.

‘Bingo’ illustrated that there is also a good deal more going on in Jimmy’s head when it comes to helping out an old friend. To turn down the Kettlemans and send them back to the one law firm he truly despises wasn’t just done out of a sense of righteousness but also out of a deep fondness for Kim.

As with it’s predecessor, Better Call Saul is not only a well-scripted thriller, it’s also expertly shot and tonight’s episode had some stand out moments. The opening scene where Mike & Jimmy are sat in front of a wall of Wanted posters could be said to symbolise many things – that Jimmy and Mike are two of those faces, that Jimmy should be looking to them for his source of success, that there are some hidden faces of characters to come or just the notion that this is the scale of criminality in the town where Walter White becomes the one who knocks. Take your pick.

Chuck is showing signs of improvement with his efforts to build up an immunity to the condition he is suffering from. Jimmy wanting to take advantage or potentially just trying to help has left him a heap of files that he knows Chuck won’t be able to resist going through. The outcome of this is unclear at this point but the smart call would be on Jimmy wanting to stick it to HHM in one form or another.

Outside of his efforts with Kim & Chuck, Jimmy and Mike took their connection one step further with the latter displaying his first of many ‘fixer’ moments for McGill. They are square for now but we know that Mike’s expertise will be called upon again, the question is, will Jimmy’s be in return?



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