TV Review | Gotham 1.10 ‘Lovecraft’

Gotham 1.10 Lovecraft img 2Original UK Air date: 15th December 2014

This Week on Gotham…

A group of assassins (lead by a female Copperhead) are sent to Wayne Manor to silence Selina Kyle. Alfred manages to temporarily fend them off and Kyle and Bruce escape. Selina takes Bruce to her fence Clyde, hoping to trade in some of Bruce’s garments for cash. However, Clyde sells them out to Copperhead for a bounty. Shortly after Copperhead and her goons arrive, Alfred and Bullock arrive on the scene and a gunfight ensues. With back up arriving, Alfred manages to get to Bruce as Copperhead makes a tactical retreat.


  • Gordon goes after Lovecraft, but the latter claims to just be a pawn in a much larger scheme. He is later killed by Copperhead and her goons.
  • Falcone kills the man responsible for defending his money vault that was the subject of the previous episode.
  • Falcone suspects Cobblepot of tipping off Maroni to where the money vaults are stored, but Cobblepot denies this, then insinuates that there is a mole close to Falcone.
  • Ivy Pepper makes a cameo appearance.

The Verdict…

After a few so-so episodes, Gotham ushered in its mid-season finale with a good, strong episode.

Following on from the events of last week, we get an episode centred upon the Wayne family, Selina and Lovecraft.

The assault on Wayne Manor was an excellent way to kickstart the mid-season finale. The producers did a good job of making Bruce and Selina’s escape just realistic enough, with Alfred allowed to break out some serious ex-serviceman fighting skills. Sean Pertwee is excellent in these few scenes, and the character feels much more fleshed out and three dimensional. Him holding off the majority of the assassins single handedly was quite bad ass!

The aftermath allowed some brief respite from the action, and afforded us more quality screen time for Bruce and Selina. Selina takes Bruce to a dilapidated building that houses many of Gotham’s homeless, as well as fences for petty thieves. It is here we see that Ivy Pepper has returned, and will evidently become a thorn in Bruce’s side in years to come. It was nice to get an insight into the bleak underbelly of Gotham, particularly the corner that Selina inhabits. This was all good stuff. As mentioned in the write-up for the last episode, the pair seem to be developing some good chemistry and it shows here.

Following a trend in the series, the character for which the episode is named for really isn’t a large part of the show. Dick Lovecraft appears fleetingly in a few scenes, before being unceremoniously bumped off by Copperhead and her goons. It’ll be interesting to see who ends up being behind it all, but the Lovecraft character seemed to be wasted a bit with such a short build. It may have been better to introduce him early in the series, then keep his name mentioned as the series develops. Still, his demise certainly adds to the intrigue heading into the mid-season break.

One character that will (hopefully) thankfully be returning is Larissa Diaz, aka Copperhead (Lesley-Ann Brandt). She does not get many lines, but Brandt does a good job conveying just how dangerous she is. There seemed to be a smidgen of depth to her character too, revealing that she only kills those that she has been paid to – ultimately attempting to disarm anyone else that is in her way.

The whole Falcone/Maroni/Fish/Cobblepot plot seems to be close to coming to a head, hopefully it isn’t strung out over the entirety of the back half of the season. In this episode, the reveal that Falcone ultimately trusts Cobblepot is telling. We gleefully await Oswald’s inevitable turn on everyone down the line.



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