TV Review | The Walking Dead 5.15 ‘Try’

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“People like you are supposed to be dead, except that these walls went up just in time”

In the penultimate episode of season 5, Rick and Pete came to a bloody head on collision as the division between the group and the Alexandrians escalated. Elsewhere, Aaron and Daryl came into contact with the horrific work of the whoever the ‘W’ clan are.

Tying up loose ends from last week, Glenn’s speech to Nicholas was cold, clinical and concise – “I’m not threatening you, I’m saving you”. This was a very mature response that showed Glenn as a real leader in the group and a far cry away from the boy who saved Rick back in the pilot episode.

Since Tyreese’s death, Michonne seems to be filling the void left by him as a much more conscious right hand man of Rick and knocking him out during his diatribe against Deanna was something the big man may even have done. With Michonne moving up the ladder in this way, the role of solo spirited warrior has become¬†available and now filled as Sasha spends her days and night’s executing walkers. You could also argue that Rosita is now filling Sasha’s old role as well, given her increased screen time and dynamic with the other two.

Karl got more exposure this week as he and Enid found themselves cornered in the woods. Lucky that hollowed out tree was there to shelter them from that mini hoard of walkers – what a releaf!….(sorry I apologise, that was acorny joke but I hope it willow make you laugh).

The main action in ‘Try’ was obviously centred on Rick V Pete and the explosion of violence within the town. In the build up to this there were some great moments, in particular the scene where Rick told Pete to “keep walking” as he fondled his gun with Carol’s advice clearly burning in his ears.

The fight itself was a bit of a surprise, Pete was certainly not the push over and even though he’s quite tall in stature he was capable of holding his own against a tried and tested Rick. The stand out moment of the episode was Rick’s “If you don’t fight, you die” speech to Deanna and the locals. There was a huge sense of irony about this whole piece as we know Rick is right in what he says, but in that moment, he couldn’t have looked crazier.

Outside of the action, the music has been quite different in recent weeks with a more traditional score being replaced with some heavy electro rock. Last week, we had Knife Party blaring from the minivan and this week we had a brilliant opener with Nine Inch Nail’s “Somewhat Damaged”. This was an incredibly fitting start for the episode in terms of both sound and symbolise.

One final talking point of the ‘Try’ was Daryl’s discovery. From what we know, these people are pretty sick and twisted to say the least. From the way things are shaping up, it looks like these are going to represent the kind of danger that Rick was so furiously trying to warn Deanna about.



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