Cinema Review | Terminator Genisys

GenisysTerminator Genisys

Good God Why?
Dir: Alan Taylor
Starring: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Emilia Clarke, Jai Courtney, Jason Clarke, Matt Smith, J.K Simmons, Dayo Okeniyi
Run-Time: 126 Mins

Not content with trying to ruin one beloved franchise from my youth (Die Hard) Jai Courtney now turns his bland, personality-less attentions to Terminator where he plays Kyle Reese with none of the gusto or charisma of Michael Biehn or Anton Yelchin before him. If he signs up for the next Jurassic World film, or the long muted Ghostbusters sequel we have to stop him. He’s joined by Emilia Clarke’s Sarah Connor and when Arnie is the most accomplished actor in your leading heroic trio you know your casting decisions have gone majorly wrong.

In the future, Reese and John Connor (Jason Clarke trying his best with a script that never gets out of exposition and tired jokes) celebrate their final victory over the machines only for Skynet to send back the Terminator to kill Sarah Connor in 1984, so Reese goes back in time to protect her. It’s the story we all know already and these scenes that faithfully recreate James Cameron’s original are the best things about Genisys.
Reese arrives in the past only to find that a mysterious benefactor has sent a Terminator back to the seventies to protect Sarah and when Reese finds her she’s already a fully trained and equipped badass. She’s also been building her own time machine, because.
Reese decides they should go to 2017 to stop Genisys – a program devised as the master of all of all synergistic operating systems that will link users global accounts across all devices and programs – becoming active. Credit where it’s due, Genisys is quite a good “it could actually happen” commentary on today’s obsession with technology, instant online access and social media gratification; even if that commentary is only puddle deep.
In 2017 they have to contend with John Connor who’s been turned into a machine/human hybrid (yes, just like the Borg) and sent back in time to stop them. The reveal of this would have been a great twist were it not for the fact it’s in the trailer. Then queue a Michael Bay’s worth of explosions and fighting as Reese, Sarah Connor and Arnie fight Borg John Connor and try to stop Genisys becoming uploaded.

Looking for positives, the fights between Schwarzenegger and Connor-Borg are quite enjoyable (in relation to everything else at least) and Matt Smith’s small role sets him up as a villain for the next film, a prospect which would be more appealing were it not for the fact that the rest of Genisys exists.

The Verdict: Just no.



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