TV Review | Person of Interest [Season 4]

To any American readers, writing about season four may seem a little behind the times; season five is already well under way over the pond. However, here in Blighty, we have only just had the pleasure of seeing it wrapped up on Channel 5.

**Spoiler Warning**


Before we can talk about season four, it would be wise to briefly recap where things were left off with season three.

Season three was pretty good, with the first half dealing with the demise of HR, and the second with the threat from terror group Vigilence. In addition, we had a heartbreaking death, and a new team member initiated – as well as the constant machinations of Decima technologies. At the end of the day, two major organised threats were eliminated, but Decima’s answer to The Machine – code named Samaritan – was brought to life.

If season three was good, season four was on another level entirely. There were some excellent guest appearances (Katheryn Winnick’s bounty hunter), and a welcome return to the street crime subplots from the earlier seasons (the mob war between Elias and Dominic, while drawn out over the whole season, makes for a compelling viewing).

Most episodes were at least good/entertaining, and they pulled out the stops to produce some outright great bits of television. The 11th episode, If-Then-Else, has been rightfully heralded as a magnificent piece of storytelling, with a fantastic bittersweet resolution. Also, mucho credit to team that put together the finale – it’s semi-cliffhanger ending works so well with Pink Floyd’s Welcome to the Machine scoring the final few minutes.

It has been confirmed that a shortened fifth season of 13 episodes will round out the show. While it is a shame it’s ending, it is going to do so on a high. From its relatively humble beginnings as a sort of serialised riff on Minority Report, Person of Interest has grown to become one of the premier action thrillers on television. Given that most of the antagonists have been despatched over the past season or so, there really is only one big question remaining – can they take down Decima/Samaritan? 13 episodes seems an ideal length of time to explore this.



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