MCU Update | Captain Marvel Casting News, Joss Whedon Up For Returning to the MCU?

It’s time for another round-up of news, rumours and interviews regarding the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Captain Marvel Casting News

Brie Larson (Short Term 12, Room) is said to be the favourite to play Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel.

Talks are said to be at a very early stage, but she is apparently Marvel’s leading choice, and the highly talented actress is said to be seriously considering the role. We at the Fake Geeks team are very excited by the possibility of our favourites being linked with such a cool role.

Joss Whedon Up For an MCU Return?

While he is confirmed to not have any involvement in the upcoming Captain Marvel project, Whedon recently revealed that he hasn’t closed the door on a return.

When being interviewed by The Wrap, he was asked if he would consider a return to the MCU if they offered him an all-female Avengers storyline (A-Force). His response:

“Yeah, of course. Although I tend more towards the Jessica Jones-ey kind of stories than the delightful Supergirl stories that my daughter wants.”

It’s little more than shooting the breeze, but fans will be pleased to hear that he hasn’t entirely soured on the MCU after the reportedly tough time he had making Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 / Thor: Ragnarok Tidbits is reporting a number of tidbits of information relating to Marvel’s 2017 releases. They claim that:

  • Thor: Raganarok will incorporate some aspects of the famous Planet Hulk storyline. The big green meanie will be sporting his iconic shoulder armour and will be found competing in gladiatorial combat.
  • The villain for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 will be Ayesha (aka HER aka Kismet aka Paragon).

The article is only a few days old, and we’ve yet to see any corroborating articles on the above, but they are certainly interesting points. Fans has been clamouring for a Planet Hulk story, but it is understandable that the studio has shied away from a third Hulk feature after how the last two were received.

On the Guardians front, the article makes a good point in that it is a group called The Enclave that created Ayesha. Who did they also create? Adam Warlock.

Hayley Atwell “100%” On Board for Agent Carter if it Returns

It was a crying shame that Agent Carter was cancelled recently. Since then, there has been a petition of over 100,000 names calling for Netflix to resurrect the show. While there is little news on that front, Hayley Atwell was recently asked at MegaCon in Orlando if she’d be interested in returning. Her answer:

“Yes, 100%. I love Peggy. I love the people working on this project. A privilege and an honour to bring her back to the fans.”

Rights to Namor Return to Marvel?

In a recent interview with Kevin Smith (via CBR), Joe Quesada suggested that the complex rights issue surrounding Namor may be resolved.

Hopefully this is indeed the case, and we will see the Sub-Mariner enter the MCU sometime soon.


What do you make of the latest news? Do you think Brie Larson is a good fit for Carol Danvers? Excited by the prospect of a Planet Hulk being (partially) realised in Thor: Ragnarok? Please leave your comment below.


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