Film Review | Backtrack

Backtrack posterDirected by | Michael Petroni
Produced by | Antonia Bernard, Jamie Hilton, Michael Petroni
Screenplay by | Michael Petroni
Starring | Adrien Brody, Bruce Spence, Sam Neill, Robin McLeavy, Malcolm Kennard, Jenni Baird
Run Time | 90 minutes
Certificate | 15

Plot |  Peter Bower (Brody) is a psychoanalyst who is going through a rough time after a tragic event in his recent past. His mentor Duncan (Neill) starts referring clients to him in the hope getting him back into the swing of thing. Bower discovers a disturbing link between these increasingly eccentric patients and his distant past that leads to some shocking revelations.

Review | It is difficult to sum up Backtrack without giving away some fairly big plot points, so this will be kept relatively brief. This is a solid Australian mystery film, with a good central performance from Brody. Despite the somewhat supernatural elements linked to part of the film’s structure, he manages a fairly realistic response to his situation, and the film is better for it.

Plot wise, Backtrack is simply fine. There’s little originality to be found here, and most people will see the ‘twists’ and ending coming. On the plus side, it is all done rather well. It ticks along at a nice pace, never sagging, and Brody is joined by a solid enough supporting cast (including an under utilised Sam Neill) to make this worth at least a watch.

There are a handful of jump scares that threaten to veer the film down the horror route, but thankfully these are mostly done quite well (even if they are a little redundant), even if they are there simply to add a little spice to the story.

The Verdict | Lacking the subtlety and character variety to make this a truly compelling mystery, Backtrack is none-the-less a solid little film that would sit well in any expanding collection.



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