Bloodstock ’16 Special | Bands to Check Out: Hobgoblin Stage

In the run up to our favourite heavy metal festival, the Fake Geeks team are putting together a collection of content aimed at those that will be joining us at this year’s Bloodstock festival.

In addition to a specially themed podcast (which you can check out here), we will be previewing a selection of bands across all stages and all days.

If you missed our previews of the Ronnie James Dio and Sophie Lancaster stages, you can check them out here and here respectively. Today, we move onto the Hobgoblin stage.

The Headliners

Though Bloodstock hasn’t officially announced who the headliners of the Hobgoblin stage are, the following bands occupy the top spot on all media related to the event.


Finding stuff online by these Liverpudlian death metallers is like drawing blood from the proverbial stone, so apologies for the low quality video chosen. This heavy hitting quintet smashed their way through a bruising Metal 2 the Masses finale to earn their spot.


If you like your doom to have an epic flavouring, you could do far worse than this upstart quartet from London. Their 15 minute single track EP Omega (see below) has been getting rave reviews in doom circles, and rightfully so.


Woking’s resident racket makers are down to close out the Hobgoblin stage on the Sunday. If gnarly, noisey metal is your thing, head down and check ’em out.

Further Listening


Witch Tripper

Kicking the festival off proper are one of the East Midlands’ most promising stoner acts.  With more than a sprinkling of a classic hard rock sound throughout, Witch Tripper may be straight up one of the catchiest bands on the bill.


Another kick arse trio here. These guys are much further down the sludgier end of the stoner doom spectrum. Probably one of the fuzziest sounding bands of the weekend.


Ramage Inc. 

For those of you that prefer a little Devin Townsend-esque thoughtfulness and  introspection with their metal fix, Edinburgh’s Ramage Inc. are definitely the guys for you.


Probably one of the more easily accessible bands at the heavier end of the metal spectrum on the bill, Chelmsford’s Bearfist make for an incredibly tight quartet (check out the live at the lab video below for proof). Heads will bang and necks will get whiplash when these guys are on stage.


A favourite of all of us at Fake Geeks HQ, Stoner/Heavy Psych quartet Regulus are simply one of the best bands around at the moment. Just check ’em out, you will not be disappointed.


I Saw the World Burn

Groovy, chuggy riffs and an unrelenting, pounding vibe… if Arch Enemy ever had a jam session with metalcore bruisers Unearth, we suspect that I Saw the World Burn wouldn’t be far from the result.

Art of Deception

Melodeath is term that is used to cover a lot of ‘slightly less than brutal’ metal. In the case of these talented Norwegians, it means that their music is infused with riffs that would be more at home with a thrashy heavy metal band (e.g. Testament). It’s a mix that complements each other well, leading to catchy tracks like Killing (see below).

That concludes our round-up of recommendations for the Hobgoblin stage.

Check back soon to see who we think are the can’t miss bands on the Jagermeister stage.


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