Bloodstock ’16 Special | Bands to Check Out: Jagermeister Stage

In the run up to our favourite heavy metal festival, the Fake Geeks team are putting together a collection of content aimed at those that will be joining us at this year’s Bloodstock festival.

In addition to a specially themed podcast (which you can check out here), we will be previewing a selection of bands across all stages and all days.

If you missed our previews of the Ronnie James Dio, Sophie Lancaster and Hobgoblin stages, you can check them out here, here and here respectively. Today we complete our preview with our recommendations from the Jagermeister stage.

The Headliners

Two Tales of Woe

Irish sloomsters (Sludge/Doom)  Two Tales of Woe are topping the stage on the Friday. Getting rave reviews for their ability to combine their dirty doom sound with Clutch-esque riffs and big choruses, there is an argument to be made that these should be on a larger stage. Still, hopefully this show will give them to exposure they need to take the next step.

Vicious Nature

Straight up, traditional sounding heavy metal from former members of Marshall Law and Cloven Hoof. If you like the the less cheesier end of 80s heavy metal, these guys should be your cup of tea.

Attica Rage

These Scottish rockers seem to have been around for a while now, and finally they have been rightfully given a spot at Bloodstock. Catchy hard rock with a tinge of southern swagger, they are the perfect festival band.

Further Listening


Chasing Dragons

Dancing on the boundary between hard rock and heavy metal, Chasing Dragons are a very catchy quartet from Leeds. Of particular note is lead singer Tank, who has an excellent voice, capable of hitting some cracking notes when it’s unleashed.


Over the years Bloodstock has been known as a place to check out the very best in folk metal. While recent years has seen a downturn in the number of folk bands being booked, it doesn’t detract from the quality of the bands they do. The latest in a long line of quality folk metal booking here is Isarnos. Flutes? Check. Whistles? Check. Hurdy-Gurdy? Check. A kick ass time? You betcha.



After gaining a good reputation playing recent festivals such as SOS and Wildfire, Vice get to try their hand at Bloodstock. With guitar work reminiscent of Sweden’s Wolf, these Mancunians are sure to go down a treat.

Cybernetic Witch Cult

How do you like the sound of a band that mixes doom, psychedelia, stoner rock and 70s inspired heavy metal with horror and science fiction themes?  Oh, that interests you? Right, well, Cybernetic Witch Cult are the band for you!


Jukebox Monkey

If you can’t tell by now, we really dig our stoner rock here at FG HQ. There’s plenty of good bands on the bill this year that fit the description, and Jukebox Monkey are one of the better ones. Residing closer to the southern/classic sound on the rock spectrum, expect catchy chorus and tasty riffs.


Our final recommendation is a little different to that which we’ve plugged so far. Aklash are an atmospheric black metal band hailing from Reading/Brighton. As with the better bands in their genre, this four piece juxtapose harsh, pounding sections with melodic backdrops to create ten minute epics such as Solstice (see below).

That concludes our round-up of recommendations for the Jagermeister stage, and for the festival as a whole. We hope you like and enjoyed our picks.

What do you think of our suggestions? Do you have any further bands you think or must-see acts on the Jagermeister stage (or the rest of the bill)? Drop us a comment below with your thoughts.

While that is the last of our band recommendations, it is not the end of our Bloodstock coverage. In the coming days we will be publishing our Top 50 Tips for Newbies, as well as sharing with you our Spotify playlist for the roadtrip down to the festival.


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