Bloodstock ’16 | 12 Epic Songs

One short week ago, three of the FG team travelled to Catton Hall in southern Derbyshire for our heavy metal pilgrimage.

Now, as the dust settles on another brilliant edition of Bloodstock Open Air, we take a quick look back at some of the most epic songs we witnessed.

Below, you will find a selection of twelve cracking tracks (four per day), listed in no other order than that which the bands played.

Turn up to eleven and enjoy!


Gloryhammer – ‘Universe on Fire’

Evil Scarecrow – ‘End Level Boss’

Beyond the Black – ‘Songs of Love and Death’

Twisted Sister – ‘S.M.F.’


Cybernetic Witch Cult – ‘High Wizard (King of the Horsehead Nebula)

Vodun – ‘Mawu’

Gojira – ‘Silvera’

Shining – ‘The Madness and the Damage Done’ 


Ghost Bath – ‘Golden Number’

Heart of a Coward -‘Hollow’

Dragonforce – ‘Cry Thunder’ 

Footprints in the Custard – ‘Swallow (Or It’s Going In Your Eye)’


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