Bloodstock ’17 | Band Suggestions, Part 2: Sophie Lancaster, Hobgoblin & Jagermeister Stages

As you will have no doubt noticed, the Fake Geeks team loves Bloodstock Festival. It’s our annual heavy metal holiday, and the highlight in our respective calendars.

One thing we constantly love to discuss is who could play the following year. As such, we have had a bit of a pow-wow, and come up with a selection of bands we think could (or should) be given a slot at BOA ’17 (and beyond). 

In part 1 we focused on the Ronnie James Dio (or main) stage. In Part 2, we conclude by focusing on the other three stages: Sophie Lancaster, Hobgoblin and Jagermeister.

Read on to find a list of 28 bands we think would fit and could excel on these stages, should they be booked next year.


Brainchild/side-project of Ravenage guitarist Danny Downing, Aloeswood are a fantastic post-(black) metal band. If you bands such as Agalloch and (the heavier aspects of) Alcest, then they should be right up your street.


An Endless Sporadic

We love our prog here at FG HQ, and BOA has been known to occasionally dabble in the genre. You may remember these guys from early iterations of the Guitar Hero series, particularly the track Impulse. We believe these instrumental free thinkers would go down an absolute storm.


Battle Beast

Rumoured to be playing a few years ago (apparently the deal to get them fell through), Battle Beast would be a popular booking. We think the Finnish heavy metal quintet would work out nicely near the top of the bill on the Sophie stage.


Blood Ceremony

Retro/psych doom is one of the ‘in’ things at the moment, and Blood Ceremony are one of the outright best bands doing this right now. We think these trippy Canadians would be a surefire candidate to headline the Sophie Lancaster stage.



Straddling the line between heavy, progressive and power metal genres, Norwegian trio Communic are one of the more interesting bands around at the moment. Frontman Oddleif Stensland also have a cracking voice too.



Finland has a habit/tradition of churning out some of the greatest, most epic music across all of metal. The latest in an ever increasing list of cracking groups is Crimfall. Employing some ol’ ‘beauty and the beast’ vocals, it’s like Turisas jamming with old school Nightwish. If that sounds you’re bag, check out the tune below.



Exeter’s own melodeath/thrash quartet played a blinding set on the New Blood Stage back in 2011. We think that six years is a long enough wait for these guys to play again.


Darkest Era

For a band that’s been around a little while now, and gotten pretty neat supporting slots, it’s a surprise they have yet to play Bloodstock – their folklore tinged heavy metal would seem a perfect fit.



Those of you that saw Regulus at their year’s festival will be familiar with two thirds of the band, as they share lead guitarist/vocalist and drummer. Whereas Regulus are sort of heavy psych/stoner blues, Deltanaut are much closer to psychedelic space rock. Admittedly, if they were booked it would probably be on the Jager stage, and they would likely only have enough time to play their (excellent) eponymous track – which you can check out a live recording of below.


Eva Plays Dead

As bands like Attica Rage showed at this year’s festival, you don’t necessarily have to be a metal band to flourish and fit in at BOA – there’ll always be a spot for some good old fashioned rock. Along a similar vein, we recommend Nottingham/Derby rockers Eva Plays Dead. The Jagermeister stage has played host to a selection of cracking rock bands over the years, and we think they would fit right in.


Gilmore Trail

Sticking with post-metal for a moment, we cannot recommend this next band enough. GT are an instrumental quartet whose post-metal meanderings are influenced by the likes of Pink Floyd, God is an Astronaut and Explosions in the Sky.


Lord Vicar

Of the many spin-off bands from the excellent-but-now-defunct Reverend Bizarre, Lord Vicar are on of the better ones. Sitting at the more melodic end of the traditional doom spectrum, we could definitely see the masses tapping their foot along while nursing a beer or two to them.


Lost Society

Who’s up for some silly, bonkers thrash metal? You are! Great!



Another band that has been requested for a while is this Estonian folk metal quartet. One of the more interesting bands amongst their contemporaries, we think they’d fit right in in a late afternoon slot on the Sophie stage.


Amalie Bruun’s one-woman band has been the talk of metal circles for the past year. Combining black, post, and gothic metal with choral influences, their debut album is a stunning piece of work. BOA has always looked favourably on original artists, and they certainly fall into that bracket.


If you like your traditional heavy metal served with a side of doom, then Sweden’s Noctum may be for you. Perfect for a mid-afternoon Sophie stage spot.

Oceans of Slumber

A recent discovery for us, these immensely talented Texan progsters seem destined for big things. Changing singer seems to have done wonders for the band – frontwoman Cammie Gilbert has great presence and vocal talent.



What is it about black metal and atmospheric post-metal/prog that they go together so well? Saor are another great example of this. Also described as atmospheric celtic metal, you could imagine any number of their soaring epics backing a dark, battle-laden folk tale.



Bloodstock has a history, particularly in its earlier years, of being a vehicle for power and progressive power metal bands to let themselves be heard by a large audience. With that in mind, we recommend this Canadian band. Over the course of four albums, they have honed their prog power sound, adding in sprinklings of folk and melodeath here and there too. We think they would be a great addition to the Sophie Lancaster stage.



An exceptionally talented psychedelic post-rock band from the Fake Geeks’ home town, Sheffield. They have just released their latest EP, Devouring the Sun. We could see them totally owning the Hobgoblin New Blood stage.

Slough Feg

Ever wondered what Iron Maiden would sound like had they formed in the 90s in the San Francisco Bay Area and took their name from a Celtic-folklore inspired comic? Well wonder no more!


Stone Circle

Brighton based progressive death metal band. We had the pleasure of seeing them at both Bloodstock 2010, as well as an iteration of Download festival at a similar time. They hows heaps of talented and potential back then, and are on the comeback trail now (they are recording a new EP in October). We think it’s time they were invited back once more.


Ten Foot Wizard

Describing themselves as power blue stoner rock, this Mancunian quartet slayed all comers on the Jagermeister stage in 2014. Having seen them live a few times since, we can confirm that they’ve only gone from strength to strength, particularly with the release of Sleeping Volcanos last year.


Twilight Force

They describe themselves as ‘Adventure Metal’ from the ‘Twilight Kingdom’. For fans of Gloryhammer and other brilliantly cheesy metal.


Unleash the Archers

Straight up heavy metal that sounds like the next evolutionary step on from the likes of Helloween and Iced Earth.


The Vision Bleak

Who doesn’t enjoy a slab of gothic metal? This German group are known for their love of literary horror works from the likes of Lovecraft and Poe, and it certainly comes through in their work. We think their moody storytelling would befit a late slot on the Sophie Lancaster stage.


While Heaven Wept

A bit of a long shot (and currently seemingly on hiatus), we are still in no doubt that this long-surviving Virginian epic doom band would go down well with the BOA collective. Vocalist Rain Irving is one of the best amongst contemporaries, and Tom Phillips writes some of the most amazing, emotive songs around. They would be a spectacular Sophie stage headliner.


With the Dead

What do you get when you combine ex-members of Cathedral, Electric Wizard and Bolt Thrower? A right bloody racket, that’s what! They’d be great for the top of the Sophie stage!


That concludes our second part of our Band Suggestions for Bloodstock 2017. What do you make of our selections? Which ones do you like/dislike? Please leave your comments below.


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