TV Feature | 13 Shows To Watch This Autumn

Winter is coming…

We’re at that time of year when the nights are drawing in, Christmas cards are starting to appear in the shops and the NFL season is about to kick off (Go Pats!). That means the weather is going to be awful and there’s not going to be much to do in the evenings other than curl up and watch a whole heap of TV.

Here are the shows you can’t afford to miss this Autumn.


2nd September – Netflix – Season 2

The chronicles of Pablo Escobar continue in this drug-filled biopic of one of South America’s most notorious kingpins. 10 new episodes have recently arrived on Netflix to satisfy your addiction.

America Horror Story

16th September – Fox UK – Season 6

The terror anthology continues in the sixth edition which has unofficially been revealed as ‘The Mist’. Trailers have been released in dribs and drabs so we decided to bring you the full collection of teasers so far.

Red Dwarf

22nd September – Dave – Season 11

About smegging time. The boys are finally back four years on from their move to Dave and the success of season 10.

Luke Cage

30 September – Netflix – Season 1

Joining fellow MCU super heroes Daredevil and Jessica Jones on Netflix, Luke Cage is the latest stand alone comic-book series that will provide more backstory for the upcoming Defenders crossover miniseries. Cage is an ex-con with superhuman strength and skin so thick bullets bounce off it.


TBC October – Channel 4 – Season 2

Channel 4’s most successful TV show of the past 20 years returns this autumn with a second 8-episode run. No trailers have been released yet so here’s a peak at what the first season was about if you aren’t familiar.


TBC October – Sky Atlantic – Season 1

Jonathan Nolan’s new sci-fi thriller is already being billed as the next Game of Thrones thanks to its stellar array of acting talent and expensive production. The sci-fi thriller is based on the 1973 film of the same name which was originally a book by Michael Crichton. This JJ Abrams produced drama depicts events at a futuristic theme-park called Westworld, where the early stages of AI are beginning to manifest themselves in the park’s robots.

Black Mirror

21 October – Netflix – Season 3

Charlie Broker’s dark reflections of society have found an exciting new home on Netflix. This means an extended 6 episode run, a heap of talented actors including the likes of Kelly Macdonald and prospect of a 4th season in 2017.

The Walking Dead

24th October – Fox UK – Season 7

Who’s gunna get it? Season 6 ended on one of the biggest cliffhangers in the show’s history, season 7 promises answers and big shocks.

The Flash

25th October – Sky 1 – Season 3

Barry Alan’s capers continue in this popular spin off from Arrow. The producers have revealed ‘power’ to be a core theme of the upcoming season which will likely mean a host of villains to challenge this supercharged CSI.


26th October – Sky 1 – Season 5

Ratings for this show have remained solid over the past 5 years, judging by this pattern viewers can likely expect another 23 episodes of Oliver Queen’s adventures.

The Man In The High Castle

16th December – Amazon Prime – Season 2

Following on from a popular first season, fans can expect another 10 episodes of Philip K Dick’s dystopian vision of the aftermath of WW2.

Doctor Who

25th December – BBC1 – Christmas Special

A new companion and an upcoming change in executive producer cast a lot of mystery over the Christmas Special. No trailers have been released so far so here is the only clip of the Doctor’s new accomplice that’s available.


TBC – BBC1 – Season 4

No dates have been announced yet but given recent years’ scheduling you can probably expect New Year’s Day to be an elementary time for our favourite Baker Street inhabitants to return.

Which shows are you looking forward to watching this autumn? Are there any shows we missed? Post a comment below and share your thoughts.


One thought on “TV Feature | 13 Shows To Watch This Autumn

  1. Nice list!
    I’d also include Supergirl. It’s gonna be interesting to see how it comes across now that The CW has taken over the running of it – it’ll have a lower budget and will have been filmed elsewhere.

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