Fine Tuning #1, March 2017 | Cybernetic Witch Cult, DragonForce, Ghost Bath, Lacertilia, Pallbearer

Fine Tuning  – I reserve the right to change the name if/when I think of a better pun – is our new music feature.

It will run approximately once a month, and will highlight around five or six new rock and metal tunes that have recently dropped.  

Without further ado, here is the first edition, featuring: Cybernetic Witch Cult, DragonForce, Ghost Bath, Lacertilia, and Pallbearer. 

1st Edition – March 2017

Cybernetic Witch Cult – “Cult of the Druid”

Those of you that read our reviews of last year’s Bloodstock festival will know full well of these talented psychedelic doomsters. This is the first single from their upcoming EP, Troglodithic Trip.

DragonForce – “Judgement Day”

Hot on the back of the announcement of their new album (Reaching Into Infinity) and an upcoming UK, the high octane power / speed metallers dropped a brand new audio track.

Ghost Bath – “Ambrosial”

One of the surprise packages at Bloodstock last year was this depressive post-black metal group. They put on an unforgettable performance, and we are looking forward to the release of their next album, Starmourner in April. Of late, they’ve been releasing a number of videos to promote it. The latest of these is the crushing Ambrosial.

Lacertilia – “Fire Up the Engine of God”

Heavy cosmic groovesters Lacertilia recently released their debut album We’re AlreadY Inside Your Mind on Bandcamp. This week, they launched a promo video for the song Fire Up the Engine of God.

Pallbearer – “I Saw the End”

Melodic doom and melancholy progsters Pallbearer released their amazing new album Heartless this past month. Here’s the opening track.


2 thoughts on “Fine Tuning #1, March 2017 | Cybernetic Witch Cult, DragonForce, Ghost Bath, Lacertilia, Pallbearer

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