Fine Tuning #3, May 2017 Early Edition | Elder, Khemmis, Massive Wagons, The Night Flight Orchestra, Normaliser, Oxbow, Rotting Christ, Wolfpakk, Wrath of the Gods, Völur

Fine tuning is our newest music feature. Initially dropping approximately once a month, it’s goal is to act as a sort of one-stop-shop for some of the more interesting recent rock and metal releases.

Due to the positive feedback from our first two editions, we are now looking to run an edition every 2-3 weeks, instead of 4-6.

With the above in mind, for your aural pleasure we now present Fine Tuning #3.

#3 – May 2017

Early Edition


Elder – “The Falling Veil”


Adventurous psychedelic progsters Elder are back! Reflections of a Floating World will be the Massachusettsian quartet’s fourth song. Ahead of it’s highly anticipated release, they dropped this tasty 11-minute appetiser.

 Khemmis – “A Conversation with Death”


Last year Khemmis released an album of the year candidate in the form of Hunted. This year they have collaberated  with fellows doomsters Spirit Adrift to perform their own take on a couple traditional American folk songs. Khemmis’ contribution is a cover of Lloyd’s Chandler’s rousing A Conversation with Death (also known as O, Death). Check out this simply stunning piece below.

Massive Wagons – “Back To the Stack” 


Talented up-and-coming rockers Massive Wagons have released Back to the Stack as a tribute to Status Quo legend Rick Parfitt. It’s also a charity single, with all proceeds being donated to the Teenage Cancer Trust. The song itself is a very catchy, Quo-like effort, worthy of it’s association with the British rock legend.


The Night Flight Orchestra –  “Sad State of Affairs


What do you get when members of Soilwork, Arch Enemy, Spiritual Beggars, Von Benzo and Mean Streak team up? Why an 80s style AOR band of course! Admittedly, they don’t get to work togther too often, with their respective schedules in their other bands. However, they are just about to release their third album Amber Galactic. To promote it, they’ve dropped a number of tracks over the past month or so. Sad States of Affairs is one of them.


Normaliser – “404”


Sheffield is cultivating itself as a hotboed for talented aspiring musucians. Progressive music – of many falvours – has taken root and given birth to a number of talented acts (see: Gilmore Trail, Awooga, and others). On the prog rock/metal front, Normaliser are one of the better exacmples in the steel city at the moment. Here’s the video for their latest track, 404.


Oxbow – “Cold & Well-Lit Place”


Californian experimental noise rockers Oxbow are back. In anticipation of their seventh studio album, Thin Black Duke, they have released this promo for Cold & Well-Lit Place.


Rotting Christ – “Threnody” 


Now this is an interesting one. Greek extreme metallers Rotting Christ have just released this video for Threnody. If the name is familiar, its’s because the song is ten years old – the video has been released to celebreate the tenth annniversary of the release of their ninth album Theogonia.


Wolfpakk – “Falling”


Here at FGHQ, we love a bit of cheesy 80s style heavy metal, and Wolfpakk’s latest track (the opener to their just released Wolves Reign) is a cracker.


Wrath of the Gods – “Witching Hour”


Keeping it oldschool, our next band is Brummy heavy metallers Wrath of the Gods. Their forthcoming debut EP drops in the next week or so, and here’s the lead single from it.  Fans of Metallica and Sabbath should get a kick out of it.


Völur – “Breaker of Skulls”


Völur is an experimental doom trio from Canada, and includes members of Blood Ceremony and Do Make Say Think. As they prepare to release their sophmore album, Ancestors, they have dropped this beastly ten minutes of abrasive doom to et everyone in the mood.

That’s it for this edition of Fine Tuning. the 4th edition will likely drop in 2-3 weeks time, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

If you missed the previous editions, you can checkout  the first edition here and the second here.


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