Fine Tuning #6 | Carach Angren, Falls of Rauros, Green Druid, Huxami, Myrkur, Nocturnal Rites, Sons of Crom, Ten, Walpyrgus, Ye Banished Privateers

Fine Tuning is where we highlight six to twelve cool tunes that have recently been released. Though generally covering rock and metal, the the rule isn’t strict (and you’ll see this time!).

FT drops every two to three weeks and covers songs from a number of sources, including: YouTube, Bandcamp, Soundcloud and more.

#6 July 2017

Early Edition

Carach Angren – “Charles Francis Coghlan”

Kicking things off for us this time around are Dutch symphonic black metallers Carach Angren. They are known for writing concept albums drawing on ghost stories, folk tales and, occasionally, real life events, and Charles Francis Coghladoes not buck this trend. Check out their epic video for it below.

Falls of Rauros – “White Granite”

More black metal now, this time in the form of a quartet from Portland.  Technically this was released back in February to promote their then upcoming album Vigilance Perennial, but it’s the first that we’ve come across these guys and we think you all should be hearing of them. As for their style, they describe themselves as folk/black metal, though I’d argue there’s a wedge of prog-/post- metal influences in there too.

Green Druid – “Pale Blood Sky”

Our next offering is for fans of smokey, fuzzy stoner doom. Denver is famous for many things, including the Broncos’ Mile High Stadium. Well, Green Druid will make you feel like you’re miles high from the comfort of your living room. Pale Blood Sky is the opening track from their latest three track release, Ashen Blood.

Huxami – “A Century’s Dawn””

Now for something a little more chilled out. Huxami are a chilled out progressive four piece that cites The Necks, John Lennon, Nick Cave, Battles and Wilco. The result is an interesting and somewhat relaxing combination.

Myrkur – “Måneblôt” 

Denmark’s own one-woman black metal band is back. Måneblôt is a single from the upcoming second album Mareridt. It has the trademark mix of black metal and melodic folkish passages that we’ve now grown used to from this excellent band.


Nocturnal Rites – “Before We Waste Away”

For fans of power metal, this one should do the trick. The Swedes are back with a belter of a track. Before We Waste Away  is lifted from their forthcoming album Phoenix, which is set for release in late September.



Sons of Crom – “Black Wings Up High” 

Sons of Crom are a Finnish duo that specialise in doom-tinged epic pagan/heavy metal. Black Wings Up High comes from their uncoming second album, The Black Tower. If you like this, pick that up when it’s released in mid-August.



Ten – “Travellers” 

Mancunian Melodic Rockers Ten are releasing their 13th album Gothica imminently. To promote it, they have released the absolutely epic Travellers.


Walpyrgus – “Dead Girls” 

Walpyrgus are a very interesting band. Containing members of Twisted Tower Dire, While Heaven Wept, Daylight Dies and Beard of Antlers, you’re probably not expecting a lead single to stylistically have more in common with contemporary punk rock…  but that’s sort of what Dead Girls does.  It’s a great example of some of the diversity to expect from their recently released debut album.


Ye Banished Privateers – “Annabel”

And finally… for something completely different. Ye Banished Privateers specialise in pirate themed folk music. The delightful, sorrowful Annabel comes from their third album First Night Back in Port.



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