Bloodstock ’17 | Bands to Check Out: Ronnie James Dio Stage

In the run up to our favourite heavy metal festival, the Fake Geeks team are putting together a collection of content aimed at those that will be joining us at this year’s Bloodstock festival.

Over the course of the next few days, we will be uploading posts highlighting bands to check out across each stage.

Today, we start with the Ronnie James Dio stage. Over the years, Bloodstock’s main stage has played host to  a number of heavyweights spanning the breadth of metal music, including the likes of Alice Cooper, Motorhead, Machine Head, Megadeth, Opeth, Lamb of God, Twisted Sister and Down. Last year, Twisted Sister, Mastodon and Slayer topped the bill.

The Headliners

Before we get into our recommendations for a little further down the page, it is always worth noting which bands BOA have booked to top the bill.

Amon Amarth

Friday’s headliners are these excellent Viking melodeath Swedes. When they last played BOA in 2014, they put on one of the more memorable sets/spectacles at Bloodstock.


Saturday’s  bill toppers are another Swedish band on the rise. When the occult metaller first burst onto the scene many wrote them off as a one dimensional gimmick band. They since proven many of their doubters wrong, with some damned fine albums and a live reputation in its ascendancy leading to them headlining Bloodstock this year.


Another band returning from 2014, Dave Mustaine’s thrash legends will grace the Bloodstock stage for a second time. If their set is half as good as it was last time out, then we’re still in for a treat.


Further Listening:


A long requested and overdue booking, Canadian proggy thrashers Annihilator are pretty much a must watch. A few of the FG team were fortunate enough to catch them at Hellfest a few years ago and we were taken aback by just how great a live act they are.

Arch Enemy 

After having played twice with their second (and most recognisable) singer Angela Gossow, the band now plays Bloodstock with their third and current singer Alissa White-Gluz. Having seen the White-Gluz fronted band support Nightwish fairly recently, we can confirm that the band found themselves another incredible front woman. We look forward to them slaying all before them in their sub-headlining slot.

Blind Guardian

Sub-headlining on the Fridy evening are Germany power metal legends Blind Guardian. Their apperance is highly anticipated; their previous appearance was way back in 2009 when they co-headlined with Cradle of Filth.


Whilst it is unlikely Cradle of Filth will play Bloodstock any time soon (their performance in 2009 forever marred by an audience member throwing a gobstopper and injurying one of the guitarists, leading to the premature end to their set), fans will be able to see his current band Devilment make their Bloodstock debut. Their gothic and extreme tinged heavy metal is a perfect fit for the festival.


Always a pleasure to behold live, Hell have promised to bring their biggest stage show to date to the Ronnie James Dio stage next month. They form part of a run of bands on the Sunday which, from a quality of live show perspective, is insane.


Saturday should just been renamed Thrashaday this year. In addition to Annihilator (see earlier in the article) and Havok, Bloodstock have booked Teutonic Thrash legends Kreator as the sub-headliner to Ghost. 35 years into their careers and they show no sign of letting up. In fact, they still cracking out some belters, like Satan is Real (see below).


Despite being seen by a few as something of a marmite booking, we at FG HQ are quite partial to the ‘dred. A fantastic live act that’s guaranteed to get the crowd bouncing, the Welsh Ragga-Metal quartet will take no prisoners on the Sunday afternoon.


That concludes our round-up of bands to check out on the Ronnie James Dio stage. Check back soon for our similar articles relating to the Sophie Lancaster, Hobgoblin and Jagermeister stages.



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