Bloodstock ’17 | Bands to Check Out: Sophie Lancaster Stage

In the run up to our favourite heavy metal festival, the Fake Geeks team are putting together a collection of content aimed at those that will be joining us at this year’s Bloodstock festival.

Over the course of the next few days, we will be uploading posts highlighting bands to check out across each stage.

If you missed our recommendations for the Ronnie James Dio stage, you can check them out here. Today we reveal our recommendations for the Sophie Lancaster Stage.


The Headliners

Battle Beast

Any good Bloodstocker knows that the party starts on the Thursday night. This year it is up to  Finnish heavy metaller masters Battle Beast to bring forth the good times. Fans of traditional and power metal should get a real kick from this sensational sextet.


If Thursday’s headliners aren’t heavy, or downright evil sounding, enough for you then head by the tent towards the end of Friday.  Colombia’s Inquisition have a take on black metal that comes from thrashy roots, and takes in everything from Cosmology to Satanism.


Macabre are an 80s band that describes their mixture of thrash, death and grind and ‘Murder Metal’. If that doesn’t sign post what you’re about to get, then a cursory glance at the song titles should illuminate even the most naive – this is a band that sings about serial killers.


Rounding out the festival are flat out one of the best bands on the go at the moment. Finland’s Wintersun mix elements of power, extreme and progressive metal to create something truly epic. With their new album out imminently, you can bet that they’ll drop a least a new cracker into a set that will already be filled with soaring highs, crushing lows and many, many riffs.


Further Listening:

 Black Moth

These Leeds-based doomy rockers have been making a bit of a name for themselves on the live scene in recent years, leading to them getting some great opportunities, including this slot at Bloodstock and also one at Doom vs Stoner II later this year.


Londoners Courtesans have been called everything from pop to doom, via alt rock and triphop. They are certainly one of the more interesting bookings Bloodstock has made for a while and one we’re certainly looking forward to.

Florence Black

Welsh hard rockers Florence Black are the latest in a line of bands that prove that rock has a place at the UK’s premier heavy metal festival. At times they sound like a halfway house between UK 90s rockers Skin and Amerian arena heavyweights Alter Bridge; these guys have the tunes that’ll get your head banging and your fist pumping.


If Ghost’s Papa Emeritus fronted an early 90s grunge band. There’s little else that can be said than that! They are going to be great. Check out the riffs below:

Ramage Inc.

If you missed these talented Scottish ambient / progressive metallers last year, then you have been given a reprieve. Ramage Inc. will open the Sophie Lancaster Stage on the Thursday evening – no clashes means no excuses!

Red Rum

If all of this so far has been far too serious, then Red Rum (only announced today as a last minute replacement) may be the band for you. Always a good laugh, these pirate themed folk metallers will create a great party atmosphere.

Season’s End

Whilst this will be the melodic metallers fourth Bloodstock appearance, it will be the first since 2006! Seemingly dropping off the radar shortly after that, they have been working on a follow-up to their debut album The Failing Light. Will they showcase new material at the festival? Who knows. However, their gothic tinged symphonic metal is more than welcome its return.

Wind Rose

Describing themselves as Folk / Power Metal, this Italian quartet are sure to take no prisoners on the Sophie Lancaster Stage on the Thursday evening. Fans of Turisas should definitely check out their more melodic brand of battle metal.


That concludes our round-up of bands to check out on the Sophie Lancaster stage. Check back soon for our similar articles relating to the Hobgoblin and Jagermeister stages.



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