Bloodstock ’17 | Bands to Check Out: Hobgoblin New Blood Stage

In the run up to our favourite heavy metal festival, the Fake Geeks team are putting together a collection of content aimed at those that will be joining us at this year’s Bloodstock festival.

Over the course of the next few days, we will be uploading posts highlighting bands to check out across each stage.

If you missed our recommendations for the Ronnie James Dio and Sophie Lancaster stages, you can check them out here and here respectively. Today we reveal our recommendations for the Hobgoblin New Blood Stage.


The Headliners


With Inquisition headlining the Sophie Lancaster stage on the same day, Norwegian quintet Nordjevel’s booking means Black Metal headlines 50% of the stages on the Friday night. Check out these purely evil sounding guys below:


If prog power is more your thing, then head down to see Saturday headliners Dakesis. This Brummy quartet have steadily built themselves an excellent reputation, particularly live.


Over the years Bloodstock have been known to use the New Blood stage to showcase some excellent bands from further afield. Joning the ranks of the likes of Brezno, Father and Krepuskul are talented Lebanese Heavy/Thrash metallers Blaakyum.


Further Listening:


Some of the Fake Geeks team have had the pleasure of seeing these local lads perform live a few times now. They were more than worthy winners of this year’s Metal 2 the Masses competition for Sheffield, with their hybridised brand of post-metal, sludge and doom going over an absolute storm with all in attendance. Unfortunately they don’t yet have any studio recorded stuff to hand, but we’ve managed to find a decent recording from a recent gig to give you an idea of what to expect. Take it from us – they are a killer live act!

Hundred Year Old Man

Sticking with heavy as hell doomy post-metal, if you like yours with a side of drone then definitely get down to the Hobgoblin stage early on the Saturday.  West Yorkshire’s finest sludgesters will be entrancing all comers with their hypnotic heaviness.

Na Cruithne

There’s always place on the bill, and in our metal hearts, for some quality folk metal. There’s one or two dotted across the bill this year, and this Irish sextet are one of the standouts. Singing in both Irish and English, there is a unique, genuine feel to the tunes that Na Cruithne put out.

Raised By Owls

Derbyshire’s finest party grind band recently found success/noteriety when a video for one of their tracks (Ross Kemp on Gang Bangs) became it’s own meme. However, there is another track we feel we must share with you to truly get across how bonkers these guys are. Enjoy.

Raze the Void

If the above is all a bit too silly for you, then this quintet from Basildon may be more up your alley. Combining elements of prog, thrash and heavy metal they have created a sound that is both contemporary and quite unique.

Solar Sons

Hailing from Dundee, Solar Sons are a progressive heavy rock power trio. They list legends such as Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath and Rush are influences and, whilst you can hear it in places, the band have their own rich sound that comes through.


If mixing mid-tempo sludge with groove metal riffs is more your cup of tea, then we heartily recommend Bournemouth’s Thuum. Add in just a flourish or two of thrash and heavy metal, and these guys  are poised to slay all before them on the Friday.


Another of Bloodstock’s international bookings, this Norwegian quartet qualified by winning their country’s Metal 2 the Masses competition. Vorbid specialise in melodic, progressive tinged thrash. Expect the cases of whiplash to increase exponentially after their set!

Ward XVI

Last, but by no means least, are the band that you should all be getting out of bed for early on Saturday morning.  Describing themselves as theatrical avante-garde rock, there are so many aspects to their sound that come from different influences. Check out the video for the excellent Toy Box to get an example of this below.



That concludes our round-up of bands to check out on the Hobgobin New Blood stage. Check back soon for our similar articles relating to the Jagermeister stage.



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