Bloodstock ’17 | Festival Primer: Roadtrip Playlists and Printable Clashfinder

It’s not long now until the Fake Geeks team once again descends upon Bloodstock for it’s annual heavy metal holiday/pilgrimage.

To help prepare for the festival, we have been uploading a number of articles to site. While we have covered band recommendations and festival tips, there still remains one aspect of the weekend we have not yet addressed – the roadtrip.

Whether you are travelling by car, train or bus, you’re going to need some good tunes to rock out to on your way to and from Catton Hall. Luckily, with this final article, we’ve got you covered.

Thanks to the wizardry of Spotify, we can share with you all our BOA 2017 Roadtrip playlist, comprising of bands that will feature of the weekend. Press play, turn it up to 11, and rock on down to Bloodstock.

Like last year, we have an added bonus. We are also sharing with you our Best of Bloodstock playlist, ideal for the Roadtrip back (now updated with some tunes from 2016).

If you happen to have missed our previous articles, you can find links to them below:

Band Recommendations: Ronnie James Dio Stage
Band Recommendations: Sophie Lancaster Stage
Band Recommendations: Hobgoblin Stage
Band Recommendations: Jagermeister Stage
50 Festival Tips

Last,  but certainly not least, we have uploaded a PDF of our homemade clashfinder that we use on site. Click Here >>> BOA 2017 Clashfinder – ThuFriSatSun. It should be easily printable. We suggest setting it to A3, folded within a plastic wallet/file divider.


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