Bloodstock ’17 | 13 Epic Songs

Just one week ago, two of the FG team travelled to Catton Hall in southern Derbyshire for our heavy metal pilgrimage.

Whilst we work on our review of the weekend, we take a quick look back at some of the epic tunes we heard over the weekend.


Below, you will find a selection of thirteen cracking tracks (one from Thursday and four each for the rest), listed in no other order than that which the bands played.

Turn up to eleven and enjoy!


Battle Beast – ‘Black Ninja’


Devilment – ‘Full Dark, No Stars’ 

Black Moth – ‘Blackbirds Fall’ 

Blind Guardian – ‘Valhalla’

Amon Amarth – ‘Twilight of the Thunder God’


Ward XVI – ‘Toy Box’

Raised by Owls – ‘Ainsley Harriott Advises You To Give Your Meat a Good Ol’ Rub’

Red Rum – ‘Make Port Drink Port’

Twisted Illusion –  ‘Apocalypse… #LOL’


Courtesans – ‘Mesmerise’

Skindred – ‘Nobody’

Vorbid – ‘Garden of Departure’

Wintersun – ‘Sons of Winter and Stars’



A special shout out… 

… to Ba’al, whose set closer One Under the Sun would have certainly made this list. The only problem is… they haven’t recorded it yet! Keep any eye out for that one when their debut EP drops later this year.


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