Bloodstock ’18 | Band Suggestions, Part 2: Sophie Lancaster, Hobgoblin and Jägermeister stages

Bloodstock recently confirmed that legendary British heavy metallers Judas Priest will be joining Gojira and Nightwish as headliners of the 2018 festival.

With the top of the bill now set, attention turns to what lies beneath.

This time last year, we published a couple of articles that looked at which artists could play Bloodstock 2017. This mash-up of guesswork and wishlisting proved quite popular, so we have decided to bring it back. As with last year, part one focused on the Ronnie Jame Dio Stage. This follow-up article will cover on the other three stages.

Unlike in the previous article, there will be no dividing up of bands into groups to cover different placements on the bill – this will simply be an alphabetised list of potential bookings/suggestions.

The Bands


Nottingham’s newest atmospheric black metal band may still in their relevant infancy, but they really impressed the FG team at one of the principal supports at a recent gig. With an engaging frontman and some talented musicians, these guys have everything it takes to make it, and they would certainly earn their spot on the bill.


Strong finalists in the 2017 Metal 2 the Masses competition (Sheffield), Archelon are an excellent up-and-coming post-metal / sludge / doom act. If you enjoyed bands like Hundred Year Old Man and Ba’al last year, then you must check these guys out.


Fun fact: Blitzkrieg were the first ever band that a FG team member saw at Bloodstock, back when they opened the main stage in 2009. The guys have a new EP out in December, and the FG team think that they would make an excellent addition to the Sophie Lancaster stage – possibly on the Thursday night?


Ever wondered what avant-garde black metal would sound like when you replaced the guitars with hammer dulcimers and a harmonium? Well, wonder no longer. We think the San Franciscans’ brand of ‘green metal’ would go down a storm with the BOA faithful.


Another band that put on an exceptional showing in the Sheffield Metal 2 the Masses competition in 2017 (only missing out on a place in the final on a tie-breaker, losing to eventual winners Ba’al), Bovidae are an exceptionally talented trio of musicians. Musically, it’s instrumental metal with influences from classical, jazz and heavy metal. They have to be seen live to really appreciate just how tight these three are. A spot on the New Blood stage would be more than warranted.

Cellar Darling

Anna Murphy, Merlin Sutter and Ivo Henzi formed Cellar Darling around the time they departed Eluveitie in 2016. The trio have taken the folk metal roots of their previous band and merged it with alternative metal, creating a sound not-reminiscent of bands such as Within Temptation. We think they could be a good pick up for the Sophie Lancaster Stage.


If Moonsorrow or Saor happened to be a north american duo that decided to incorporate melodeath into their sound, Duskmourn would be the result. Folk-tinged elements add a little flavour to the epic soundscapes they create. If they sound half as good live as they do on record, they would blow away the competition.


Edinburgh four piece Dvne made some waves earlier this year with the release of their latest album Asheran. Traversing post-metal, progressive metal, doom and a few other subgenres with relative ease, Dvne are one of the more interesting bands on the scene at the moment and we think they would work well at BOA.


A bit of a marmite one this. Igorrr is the brainchild of ex-Whourkr guitarist/programmer Gautier Serre. For those that haven’t heard of them, Igorrr take great pleasure in blending all genres of music into one giant avant-garde cacophony. And we mean all genres. It would not be unheard of for him to drop a 10 minute plus track that mixes technical death metal, opera, electronica/sampling and triphop.


Berlin’s premier stoner/psych band have just dropped a great new album, as well as having generated a lot of buzz from their recent headlining set at HRH: Doom vs. Stoner II. Graveyard went down magnificently a few years back, and we think Kadavar would be a fantastic equivalent.


2015’s critically acclaimed debut album Absolution was followed up by the even better Hunted last year. Not content to rest on their laurels, they released a beautiful, haunting split covers EP with Spirit Adrift this year. The Colorado quartet have been one of doom metal’s best kept secrets of the past couple of years, and Bloodstock would be a great way to introduce them to the UK.


Another band local to us. Kurokuma are a noisy, talented trio that specialise in a sort of hypnotic sludge. They blew everyone away at this year’s HRH: Doom vs Stoner II festival, where they opened the main stage. They have just been confirmed for Brutal Assault, which takes place over the same weekend, so we know they are possibly available too.

Maiden United

Not the most bombastic of choices, but the all star Iron Maiden acoustic covers band were fantastic when playing Download festival a few years ago. Where to put them on the bill might be tricky to work out, but we think they would be a great addition that brings something a little different.


These french doomsters recently released their new album, Never Forever, and it is an absolutely fantastic piece of music. Emilie Bresson’s vocals are absolutely spot on, and we think their moody, heavy, melancholy doom would work brilliantly in one of the tents.


Death metal fans! If your particular palate yearns for the melodic and progressive ends of the DM spectrum, that we think this talented sextet from Andorra would be for you. Their grandiose epics wouldn’t feel out of place on, say, a Ne Obliviscaris bill.

Primitive Man

Straight up one of the heaviest sludgiest sounding bands you will ever hear. They would sound absolutely massive in the tent.


This York-based quintet have been popping up more and more on bills across the north, and rightfully so. With a live reputation that has begun to precede them, and some tasty tunes in tow, their self-styled brand of ‘mercenary metal’ is perfect for Bloodstock.


2017 saw BOA bring back Season’s End after an 11 year absence. We think it’s time they delved even further back into their history to bring back these prog metallers. Shadowkeep have only played the festival once, at the very first indoor show in 2001. With a new album on the way, and festival dates already being confirmed, we think that it’s time BOA brings them back after what would be a 17 year gap!


There’s little that needs to be said about these amazing Icelandic post-metallers. Simply, they have the talent to reduce grown men to tears with their progressive melancholy meanderings. A definite potential headliner for the Sophie stage.


Power / Melodic Heavy Metal from Finland. These guys have been around a while now, yet criminally haven’t had the same coverage as some of their contemporaries. Hopefully that will have changed somewhat after their jaw-dropping performances supporting Sonata Arctica on their last UK tour.


The Aussie power progsters released an absolute belter of an album with Ghost Mile earlier this year. They are a perfect BOA band, and we guess it’s only a matter of time when scheduling allows for them to play the festival. Here’s hoping it’s 2018.


Members of While Heaven Wept, Twisted Tower Dire, Daylight Dies and Beard of Antlers have teamed up to form a horror themed heavy metal band with influences from power metal, prog, doom and punk. It’s an interesting mix and their debut album Walpyrgus Nights is a great listen. Possibly a good late on the Thursday night sort of act.


One of the more interesting names in symphonic, progressive and melodic black metal, these Californians would be a great addition to the bill.

That concludes our list. What do you make of our suggestions? Any you particular like or don’t? Who would you like to see play the festival? Please comment below.


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