The 13th Doctor: Why Whittaker Is The Right Choice.

We look at why Jodie Whittaker is the right choice for the 13th Doctor.


Doctor Who Christmas Special | ‘Last Christmas’

A Christmas tradition as strong as chewing on Turkey, singing carols or disowning family members during a Monopoly battle, the Doctor Who Christmas special graced our screen again. Usually these stories are drawn out, ridiculous or indeed a poisonous combination of the two venomous ingredients. Would this break the trend or be as predictably disappointing…

TV Review | Doctor Who 8.11 ‘Dark Water’

Written by: Steven Moffat Directed by: Rachel Talalay This review contains more spoilers than capital letters! You have been warned. This new reincarnated series of Doctor Who has been a pleasant surprise. I think most of us knew that Capaldi had the ability and range to become a successful Doctor for the new age but…